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IQT Update on “Quantum Networking: A Ten-year Forecast and Opportunity Analysis” — Reflects Current and Emerging Market Potential

(IQT.QuantumNetworkingReport) Inside Quantum Technology has published an update of its acclaimed “Quantum Networking” report. (There have been substantial investments and developments in quantum networking since January 2020 when the Quantum Networks Report was first published.
In the updated report, IQT provides the original ten-year forecasts of the quantum networking market, but supplemented with the latest IQT analysis of the latest on cloud access to quantum computers, QKD and quantum sensor networks. In addition, there is a new chapter on the evolution of the Qubit-carrying Quantum Internet. In addition, we take a look at the burgeoning QKD business and speculate about how quantum sensors will fit into the Internet-of-Things (IoT).
Throughout the report ten-year forecasts are in volume and market value, wherever possible, and include projections of equipment shipped and services sold.
The updated “Quantum Networking” report from INSIDE QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY will be essential reading for equipment companies, software firms, service and cloud providers, telephone companies, data center mangers, cybersecurity firms, IT companies and investors of various kind.

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