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IQT Research Predicts Blockchain and Quantum Threat Will Quickly Spread Beyond Cybercurrencies; Surge in New Product and Services Opportunities to Come

IQT Research foresees major commercial opportunities arising to protect blockchain against future quantum computer intrusions and agrees with the White House National Security Memorandum NSM-10, released on May 04, 2022, which indicates the urgency of addressing imminent quantum computing threats and the risks they present to the economy and to national security in our latest report “The Quantum Threat to Blockchain: Emerging Business Opportunities”.

Although primarily associated with cryptocurrencies, blockchain has been proposed for a wide range of transactions, including in insurance, real estate, voting, supply chain tracking, gaming, etc.   These areas are all vulnerable to quantum threats, which lead to operations disruption, trust damage, and loss of intellectual property, financial assets, and regulated data.

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About the Report:
Quantum computers threaten classical public-key cryptography blockchain technologies because they can break the computational security assumptions of elliptic curve cryptography. They also weaken the security of hash function algorithms, which protect blockchain’s secrets. This new IQT Research report identifies not only the challenges, but also the opportunities in terms of new products and services that arise from the threat that quantum computers pose to the “blockchain” mechanism. According to a recent study by the consulting firm Deloitte, approximately one-fourth of the blockchain-based cybercurrency Bitcoin in circulation in 2022 is vulnerable to quantum attack.

This report covers both technical and policy issues relating to the quantum vulnerability of blockchain.

From the Report:

About IQT Research:

IQT Research is a division of 3DR Holdings, and the first industry analyst firm dedicated to meeting the strategic information and analysis needs of the emerging quantum technology sector. In addition to publishing reports on critical business opportunities in the quantum technology sector, Inside Quantum Technology produces a daily news website on business-related happenings in the quantum technology field. (

3DR Holdings also organizes the Inside Quantum Technology conferences. The next conference is dedicated to quantum cybersecurity and will be held October 25-27 in New York City.

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