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IQT Pro: Questions about PQC standards? Dustin Moody has answers

Inside Quantum Technology’s Fall Quantum Cybersecurity event is coming up next week, which makes it a good time to assess where we are in the migration to quantum-safe security, which will come in large part through the implementation of post-quantum cryptography (PQC). And where we are is at a somewhat confusing juncture, with newly selected standards still two years away from being finalized, two other PQC standard candidates having been compromised, and varying degrees of understanding about what to do with PQC and how soon. Fortunately, IQT reached out to Dustin Moody, Mathematician, Computer Security Division at NIST, who is arguably the closest thing to an unimpeachable source regarding the migration to standardized PQC algorithms, to sort it all out for us. If you subscribe to IQT Pro, see what he had to say right now.


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