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IQT May 17-20 Offers Unique Networking Opportunities

(By Sandra Helsel) Readers have no doubt attended many online conference during the pandemic. For the first time worldwide those from the quantum technology space have the opportunity to have networking tools never before offered to quantum tech attendees. Most importantly IQT’s event is not pre-recorded as we have witnessed from most of the competitive events. With the exception of one presentation, all IQT sessions are live and each has a live moderator. During the course of the four-day event, there a many new networking features and for the first time, an attendee does not have to “leave” the conference in order to utilize the networking features! Attendees will be thrilled to use the interactive “People tool” to see who else is attending and will have the ability to “comment” on the interactive “Discussion board” on a range of quantum-related topics. Our unique “Chat” feature allows attendees to chat in real time on the session screen (again – no need to exit the conference in order to utilize live chat! In the following days I will be depicting several other exciting networking features offered to all participants at IQT New York And remember that early bird savings are available until 12 May.

IQT-NYC Online: “Where Quantum Technology Means Business”

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