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IQT Europe Announces Dr. Michael Hush of Q-CTRL to Speak on Panel ‘New Directions for Quantum Computing Architectures’ 10/30

 IQT Europe is fast approaching October 29-30 in the The Hague in the Louwman Museum. Your IQT Newsletter has launched a daily series profiling speakers and their companies.  Today, we feature Dr. Michael Hush, Lead Quantum Control Engineer for Q-CTRL who will present on the Panel: “New Directions for Quantum Computing Architectures” at 3:00 PM, October 30. Q-CTRL is the breakfast sponsor October 30 at the upcoming event.  Click here for IQTEurope2019 details.
Q-CTRL has been funded by venture capital from both Australia and abroad, with investment from Data Collective, Horizons Ventures, Main Sequence Ventures and Sequoia Capital. Q-CTRL aims to be the trusted source of control for all quantum technologies. Michael leads the technical aspects of this effort as head of the quantum engineering team at Q-CTRL. Q-CTRL initial offering targets improving the performance of quantum computing hardware. Quantum computers can potentially revolutionize security, machine intelligence and chemical engineering. However noise prevents current hardware from achieving the fidelity required to solve these problems. Michael’s team develops control solutions, deployed through software infrastructure, that make quantum hardware robust to noise and operate at maximum fidelity.
Dr Michael Hush has studied the application of control to quantum technologies since his PhD at the Australian National University, through to his role as lecturer at the University of New South Wales at the Australian Defense Force Academy. He has developed novel control techniques to improve the performance of ultra-cold atoms for quantum sensing, solid state quantum memories for quantum communication, through to control of superconducting qubits and cold ions for quantum computing. This work has been funded through research grants from the Australian Research Council, Defense Science and Technology Group and Nvidia. Michael has extensive experience explaining the impact of these quantum technologies to business, and has been a panelist on quantum technology sessions including the Future of Software Development (BlueYard Community) and Lunch on Quantum computing – the potential for Australian Business (Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Deloitte).

Click here for event details and to register.

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