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IQT Europe “Almost-Like-Live” Exhibit Hall Open Until 17:30 CET (12:30 P.M. EDT), October 30

(IQT.Europe) IQT Europe attendees, take advantage of the opportunity to “interact” and talk F2F via video with exhibitors and other attendees that is an “almost-like-live” experience at the upcoming event October 26-30. There is still time to register for October 30

IQTEurope’s virtual exhibit offers advanced interaction capabilities for networking and virtually meeting quantum computing professionals. Exhibitors will each have a table area online with their company logo. When attendees click on a logo, they will automatically enter the sponsor’s live meeting.  The experience is much like walking through an in-person exhibit space and joining a conversation to talk with or listen to the people there.You might be the only one in the meeting with the company representative or there may be other people present and having a discussion.

IQT Europe’s Networking Lounge also has open meeting areas at its virtual coffee bar. To meet other attendees, go over to the seating areas near the coffee bar and click on a table. You will be automatically connected with the people in the area via video/audio. Spend some time getting to know about each other’s work in Quantum. Leave the live meeting when you wish and go to another to meet additional people. The coffee bar also has three topic-centric tables (Quantum Communications; Quantum Safe; and Quantum Computing) if you would prefer a more focused conversation.

IQT Europe is going above and beyond with an “almost-like-live” conference networking experience! Attendees will be able to go around the lounge and hover over the exhibit area of any company with whom they would like to speak. It will automatically bring them into the video conversation taking place in the booth and face-to-face with the host staff. Hold meetings, demonstrations, answer questions just like you always have at exhibits!

Register here for IQT Europe for October 30

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