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IQT Blog Asks & Answers: ‘How Useful Are Quantum Computers?’

(InsideQuantumTechnology.BLOG) Quantum computers today are in a state similar to that of classical computers in their infancy. The first devices took up whole rooms and could perform only simple calculations. People were also skeptical about these machines living up to the promised potential. No one seriously predicted that we would end up with devices with a 5-inch display and more computing power than what was necessary to launch the first rocket into space.
Quantum Technology is predicting that within a few years, the focus of quantum computing may be a little less on security matters that generate the most attention today–but more on matters that are more prosaic. Two areas that Inside Quantum Technology’s research indicates will be early revenue generators from quantum computing are Optimization and Simulation.
A State of Optimization: Solving complex optimization problems is highly important for firms working in industries like finance, energy, transportation and security, and several of them have already shown interest in harnessing the power of quantum computing.
Simulation in Silico: In our opinion, simulating physical systems will quickly become an important application for quantum computers:

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