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IQT Announces Dr. Thierry Botter, Head of Airbus Blue Sky to Speak on Panel ‘Future Capabilities of Quantum Networks’ Oct. 30

(IQTEurope) IQTEurope is fast approaching October 29-30 and your IQT Newsletter is introducing speakers who will address the event at the Hauge in the Louwman Museum. Dr. Thierry Botter, Head of Airbus Blue Sky will speak on panel “Future Capabilities of Quantum Networks” at 4:15 PM October 30.
There are numerous conferences on the technical aspects of quantum technology, this summit is the first in Europe to focus on profits and losses as quantum technology becomes commercialized. Inside Quantum Technology Europe will be jointly organized by U.S. originator 3DR Holdings, which organized the highly successful Inside Quantum Technology conference in Boston early in 2019 and Netherlands-based QuTech, with the aim to open up communities and opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic.
The conference offers over 60 expert speakers from commercial, end-user, start-up, governmental and academic organizations. Attendees will learn about the latest quantum technology opportunities in areas such as financial services, aerospace, pharma and specialty chemical, healthcare, automotive and transportation, defense, government and R&D.

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