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IQM Does Groundbreaking Work in Quantum Computing in Finland

( IQM is an emerging and exciting deeptech company from Finland. This spin-out from Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre is developing quantum computing solutions for a variety of practical applications.
While IQM is based in Finland, its team is very international. “We have people from all continents, and there are around 15 nationalities represented in our staff of 30-something people. Diversity is always good, and it helps us approach tasks and problems in different ways”, Goetz continues. “We operate from Finland partly because all founding members were already doing their work and research here. However, Finland also has excellent infrastructure to support working with quantum and nano technologies”, Goetz explains.
In early 2019, IQM closed a seed funding round of 11.2 million euros. In addition to funding, IQM also benefits greatly from the experience of its investors Matadero QED,, MIG Funds, OpenOcean, Vito Ventures and Tesi.

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