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IonQ’s ‘Trapped Ion Quantum’ Computing Outperforms Current Competitor Efforts

(TechSpot) IonQ was founded on the concept that ‘trapped ion quantum’ computing could outperform the silicon-based quantum computers that Google and others are building. The competition in quantum computing is not just between organizations, it’s also between competing methods of quantum computing. IonQ has constructed a quantum computer that can perform calculations on a 79-qubit array, beating the previous king Google’s efforts by 7 qubits.
IonQ’s error rates are also the best–with their single-qubit error rate at 99.97% while the nearest competitors are around the 99.5 mark. “After two years of work, our against-the-grain bet is paying off,” IonQ’s CEO, Christopher Monroe, believes trapped ion quantum computing is the best bet. “The IonQ System is robust and industrial strength. Even at this early stage, the results show the ion trap design has all the advantages we expected and more.”

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