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IonQ Challenges IBM, Rigetti & Others with Trapped Ion Technology

IonQ, a leading quantum computing company, discusses its finances with IQT News

IonQ, a leading quantum computing company, discusses its finances with IQT News (PC IonQ)

(HPCWire) IonQ is pioneering trapped ion technology for quantum computing and jumping into the competitive fray with what some consider brash claims. IonQ reports there’s no need for error correction with its system, that entangling large numbers of qubits is much easier, and that the base technology is mundane, less costly, and compact. IonQ requires no exotic dilution refrigerators here. Much of the approach is derived from decades old atomic clock technology.
Last month, IonQ installed a new president and CEO, Peter Chapman, whose job is to accelerate commercial success. IonQ’s founding president and CEO, Christopher Monroe, is stepping into the chief scientist role, and indeed he is a pioneer in trapped ion technology.
In this interview with HPCwire, Chapman and Stewart Allen, the company COO, gave a briefing on IonQ’s technology and roll-out plans. Interestingly much of the conversation focused on hammering home their view that trapped ion technology is set to zoom past the semiconductor-based, superconducting approaches practiced by IBM, Google, and Rigetti Computing. This is a lengthy discussion buttressed by a review of Monroe’s pioneering research.
IonQ’s aggressive marketing is likely intended to make up ground in the quest for mindshare in the quantum computing community where the general clamor has grown loud. It’s also in keeping with their QC brethren’s habits where standing out from the growing crowd becomes more difficult as the din around quantum computing grows.

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