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Calcul Québec is a non-profit organization whose members are academic institutions and research centers. It is a regional partner of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada and collaborates with the other regional partners of the Alliance.  Calcul Québec is dedicated to providing academic and research communities with state-of-the-art computing infrastructure and expertise, in Québec and throughout Canada.

What makes Anyon Systems, a quantum computing company based in Montreal, the perfect partner for Calcul Québec? Its mission to enable the next revolution in high performance computing (“HPC”) through quantum technology is a good start.  Anyon believes that the greatest value for quantum computers will come as hardware accelerators for classical computers.  This is why Anyon’s on-premises quantum computers can seamlessly integrate directly into the fabric of an existing HPC center.

Together, Calcul Québec and Anyon are working on the deployment of MonarQ, a superconducting universal quantum computer dedicated to public research, which is designed and built entirely in Canada.

Anyon’s unique approach of designing and manufacturing most of the major components of the quantum computer makes MonarQ a fully vertically integrated system. From the cryogenics to the control electronics, everything is packaged together in a single unit with a modular design to facilitate shipping, assembly, testing and servicing.

Even though quantum computing is still in its infancy, it is expected to disrupt numerous industries and to be an economic driver in the not so distant future. For that to happen, highly qualified research professionals must be trained with the proper tools and given the knowledge required to exploit this emerging technology.  Calcul Québec has recognized this need and is committed to allow its researchers to remain competitive on a national and international scale.

MonarQ will sit alongside Narval and Beluga, two supercomputers operated by Calcul Québec and physically located at the École de technologie supérieure (ETS).  The Narval and Beluga systems are heterogeneous multi-purpose supercomputers that offer more than 100,000 CPU cores and 1300 GPUs.  Combining them with MonarQ will bridge HPC and quantum computing to leverage unparalleled processing power.

MonarQ is expected to be delivered in late 2023 and will offer competitive performance metrics and a universal gate set. Users will be able to develop and test new quantum algorithms using Anyon’s open-source software development kit based in Julia, a high-level dynamic programming language well-suited for HPC.

As this project came together, and throughout the entire process of building and delivering MonarQ, it became clear that these two organizations, Calcul Québec and Anyon Systems, were the right partners for this truly unique and exciting endeavor.

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