By IQT News posted 26 Dec 2019

(BankInfoSecurity) Professor Alexander Ling, principal investigator at the Center for Quantum Technologies in Singapore stressed in a recent interview that CISOs need to begin investigating the use of quantum-proof cryptography to ensure security is maintained when extremely powerful quantum computers that can crack current encryption are implemented.
Quantum-proof keys can be deployed in current computer systems, not just quantum computers, Ling explains. And because quantum computing could become commonplace soon, companies need to promptly invest in quantum-proof encryption, he contends.
Quantum key distribution, a method for securely transmitting a secret key over distance that’s based on the laws of physics, enables two parties to produce a shared random secret key known only to them, which can then be used to encrypt and decrypt messages.
Ling says one of the key features of a quantum key is that it’s easy to detect if it has been intercepted by a third party.
In the interview, Ling also discusses:
*Progress made in quantum key distribution;
*Technological challenges in quantum-proof cryptography;
*How quantum keys are being deployed.

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