Inside Quantum Technology

Intqlabs discovers new materials and processes that will enable faster quantum computers and generic quantum computing applications

(PRWeb) A privately held startup (“Intqlabs”) has broken ground and is filing patents for its novel discovery in the area of reverse and quantum computing. Intqlabs is focused on applications (details withheld during patenting process) that resolve problems that are blocking mass deployment of quantum and reverse computing.
Intqlabs is a quantum computing company based in Dubai with strategic and technical partnerships with quantum researchers around the world. The two main quantum research groups are working out of the UK and Canada with a primary focus on IP and patent generation & commercialisation.
Intqlabs, owing to the new discovery of elements and scientific processes is working to resolve several contemporary quantum limitations. An ideal implementation of the new discovery will enable quantum and reverse computing to be deployed across the world at fraction of the costs.
The startup is founded by Dr Ankur Srivastava who has extensive experience in the area of quantum and reverse computing with a strong background in Information theory and embedded chip design. Dr. Ankur Srivastava noted the significant scope of growth for quantum computing when implemented at a corporate and office level for high speed processing, energy saving and server applications. Current technical landscape across several industries present unlimited avenues for growth and innovation in the quantum space. Intqlabs will release further details and a prototype before the end of the second quarter 2022 or when patents are filed, whichever is earlier.

Intqlabs is a leading research company that focuses on quantum computing, reverse computing, radio and magnetic analysis platforms, cyber security and semiconductor chip design. It has filed several patents around the world via an experienced team of researchers and scientist that work to generate, test and deliver novel platforms. Intqlabs platforms are targeted towards manufacturers to assist in establishment of seamless supply chain and facilitate product integration at various levels of an assembly line. Intqlabs’ portfolio is available for licensing and joint manufacturing for hardware manufacturers along with technology transfer options.

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