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Interdisciplinary Team at Boise State Awarded Grants for Quantum Computing Entanglement Research Using DNA

(Newswise) Boise State has been awarded a Department of Defense Office of Naval Research grant worth nearly $3.7 million over three years to study quantum computing and entanglement: and a Department of Energy Basic Energy Sciences Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research grant totaling $3 million over two years. If the initial two-year phase of the latter grant is successful, it can be extended an additional four years and supplemented by up to $10 million.
The goal of these grants is to create, corral and control the elusive molecular exciton – a quasi-particle found in the photosynthetic systems of plants, algae and certain bacteria. The research team is pioneering the use of DNA as a programmable, self-assembling architecture to organize dye molecules (like those found in plants) for creating and controlling room temperature exciton quantum entanglement.
“This exciting work has the potential to be a game changer for computing of the future,” said Harold Blackman, Boise State’s interim vice president for research. “The basic science being explored is unique to the outstanding team formed by Bill Knowlton and Bernie Yurke and will further Boise State’s reputation as a truly innovative institution.”

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