Inside Quantum Technology

Intel’s Vision of Quantum Technology’s Development

(NextPlatform) Jim Held, who heads the emerging tech group at Intel that focuses on quantum computing, explains and discusses Intel’s efforts in quantum technology in this information-rich article. Throughout, the discussion references the premise that Intel is less concerned with productizing as with refining how quantum tech can be spun up via existing fabrication capabilities.
Instead of focusing on just the hardware Held, says building the entire stack is the best method for guiding the tradeoffs and directing overall strategy. “We can understand the implications of choices as well as the opportunities to capitalize on those tradeoffs if we have work, expertise, simulations, and other tools set up to work on everything together rather than just zeroing in on one piece of the quantum puzzle.”
In terms of Intel’s quantum chip play, Held says that any of these technologies are at least 8-10 years away from product because the focus now is far more on research questions and understanding how to make a better device with the full software stack in tow.

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