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Intel’s 49-Qubit Chip ‘Tangle Lake’ Aims for Quantum Supremacy

(IEEESpectrum) Intel has passed a key milestone for building quantum computing systems. Intel recently unveiled a superconducting quantum test chip with 49 qubits—enough qubits to possibly enable quantum computing that begins to exceed the practical limits of modern classical computers. Intel’s introduction of its new 49-qubit superconducting quantum chip, code-named Tangle Lake, came during a keynote speech at CES by Brian Krzanich, Intel’s CEO.
This newest announcement puts Intel in good company as far as the quantum computing marathon goes. IBM researchers announced that they had built a 50-qubit quantum chip prototype in November 2017. Similarly, Google previously talked about its ambitions to achieve a 49-qubit superconducting quantum chip before the end of last year.

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