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Intel Startup Program helped India’s QNu refine the product-market fit of its quantum cryptography technology

By IQT News posted 13 Jan 2022

(YourStory) Bengaluru-based QNu Labs, founded with an aim to future-proof today’s data, is the first Indian startup in the quantum safe-cryptography space. Their products provide a new paradigm in encrypting keys using quantum physics principles as opposed to the traditional method of encrypting keys.
QNu Labs’ products do not use conventional methods of encrypting keys, but instead provide a new paradigm in encrypting keys using quantum physics principles.
“Quantum cryptography uses photon light, or Qubits, to ensure that the data is protected and that the keys are constantly changing for any attacker to open a piece of information,” explains Sunil Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, QNu Labs.
“The current mathematical keys used in securing data are challenged by this new way of securing information: neither the person sending the data nor the recipient has any idea as to what the key is. In fact, the key is decided by the key management system only when it knows the party is ready to receive it,” he adds.
The startup’s current product portfolio comprises three solutions – Tropos, a random number generator; Armos, a quantum key distributor; and Hodos, a quantum secure platform for key management. All these are primarily targeted at industries like banking, telecommunications, IT infrastructure, defense, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). These products are designed to plug-in with existing infrastructure and do not require rip or replace of any existing crypto infrastructure.
The 100 percent randomness of the keys eliminates any bias or prediction of the keys, offering secure data transmission even in the presence of a man-in-the-middle using Quantum One-Time-Pads. It also offers an easy and seamless upgrade of existing crypto infrastructure to quantum safe crypto in a matter of a few days, without wastage of existing investments and no change in the network with no disruption in the business or learning curve for the clients.
“Despite our unique products in cutting-edge quantum technology, the enterprise market was not ready to embrace the radical tech such as quantum key distribution. Intel played a key role in pushing us to look beyond quantum key distribution to come up with more flexible and cloud-based offerings,“ says Sunil, talking about how the Intel Startup Program helped QNu pivot and refine their product-market fit.
The Intel Startup Program is Intel India’s flagship program to engage with technology startups which have an IP or innovative solutions that have the potential to create impact on customers and align with Intel’s focus areas. The program is at the forefront of engaging with India’s startup ecosystem through high-impact collaborations with the industry, academia, and government and runs multiple initiatives that are either vertically aligned or focused on emerging technologies.

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