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Intel Continuing to Work with QuTech Team at TU Delft on Second Generation Quantum Controller

(EENewsEurope) Intel has unveiled Horse Ridge II, its second-generation cryogenic control chip for quantum computing, continuing its work with the QuTech team at TU Delft.
The second generation of controller for quantum computers can fit inside the cryogenic fridge includes the ability to manipulate and read qubit states and control the potential of several gates required to entangle multiple qubits.
“With Horse Ridge II, Intel continues to lead innovation in the field of quantum cryogenic controls, drawing from our deep interdisciplinary expertise bench across the Integrated Circuit design, Labs and Technology Development teams,” said Jim Clarke, director of Quantum Hardware for the Components Research Group at Intel. “We believe that increasing the number of qubits without addressing the resulting wiring complexities is akin to owning a sports car, but constantly being stuck in traffic. Horse Ridge II further streamlines quantum circuit controls, and we expect this progress to deliver increased fidelity and decreased power output, bringing us one step closer toward the development of a ‘traffic-free’ integrated quantum circuit.”
Intel has worked with TU Delft in the Netherlands on the technology, aiming to get the technology down to the point where the controller can be co-packaged with the qubits

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