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Intel Builds Second-Gen Horse Ridge Chip for Quantum Computing Control

(FierceElectronics) Intel unveiled a second-generation Horse Ridge chip at an Intel Labs virtual event on Thursday for use in control of cryogenic quantum computers.
The chip will eventually help Intel build larger systems for use in commercial applications coming within the next decade. The original Horse Ridge controller chip was introduced in 2019.
The new chip will help manipulate and read qubit states and control the potential of several gates required when multiple qubits are used for computation.
Today’s quantum systems typically operate with dozens of qubits, but Jim Clarke, Intel Director of Quantum Hardware, said practical commercial systems that can be used to break encryption or design new pharmaceuticals will require millions of qubits.
Horse Ridge II was built on Intel’s 22nm low-power FinFET technology. It also relies on conventional CMOS transistors–a million of them. As well, Intel is making quantum chips at a fabrication facility in Oregon alongside more conventional chips.
“With our focus on transistor technology, this is why we believe we will in the quantum computing race,” he said.
Intel faces quantum competition from IBM, Google, Microsoft and several smaller players.

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