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Inside Quantum Technology Publishes Update of “Quantum Networking” Report

(InsideQuantumTechnology) At the end of 2019 Inside Quantum Technology (IQT) published a report providing a detailed business assessment of the “quantum networking” sector. So much has happened in the quantum technology sector in the past nine months that IQT decided to republish this report, updated with IQT’s latest market analysis. More details on Quantum Networking: A Ten-year Forecast and Opportunity Analysis can be found at:
The coverage of the report includes QKD, cloud access to quantum computers and quantum sensor networks. We believe it will become essential reading for equipment companies, service providers, telephone companies, data center mangers, cybersecurity firms, IT companies and investors of all kinds.

Now Includes the Quantum Internet Coverage

A primary goal of this report is to present detailed ten-year forecasts for quantum networking markets and deployments. We also include in our forecasts breakouts by all the end-user segments of this market including military and intelligence, law enforcement, banking and financial services, and general business applications, as well as niche applications. There are also breakouts by hardware, software and services as appropriate.

Much of this report has been extracted from other reports compiled by Inside Quantum Technology and some of the numbers included here come from these reports.

A full update of the report will not be carried out until January 2021. The forecasts in this report have not been updated fully and reflect Inside Quantum Technology’s perspective as of late 2019.

The methodology employed to construct this report involves both primary and secondary research. The secondary research consists of reviews of both the technical and business articles.

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