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Inside Quantum Technology Launched Offering Industry Analysis and Information for Quantum Computing and Quantum Cybersecurity Businesses

By Admin posted 11 Jul 2018


July, 10 2018

Inside Quantum Technology Launched Offering Industry Analysis and Information for Quantum Computing and Quantum Cybersecurity Businesses

Crozet, Virginia: Inside Quantum Technology (www.insidequantumtechnology.com) a new industry analysis and news sources dedicated to quantum computing, quantum encryption and quantum sensors has just gone live on the Web. Inside Quantum Technology is the first company to be entirely dedicated to meeting the strategic information and analysis needs of the emerging quantum technology sector:

• The areas covered by Inside Quantum Technology include quantum computers and simulators, quantum key distribution, post-quantum encryption, quantum networking, quantum sensors, quantum memories, quantum repeaters and new materials for quantum technology

• We also discuss the latest deployments of quantum technology in aerospace and defense; and in the specialty chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and financial services industries; along with the latest on government and university quantum technology programs worldwide. The use of quantum technology for general management planning and the overlap between quantum technology and AI, machine learning and Blockchain are also all within our scope.

• We also examine financing of the quantum technology business including venture capital support for quantum technology, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, etc.

Inside Quantum Technology and its publications will become essential reading for business development, marketing and product development executives at quantum technology firms, as well as end users, the investment community and government/military planners:

Inside Quantum Technology offers industry reports and custom consulting through our IQT Research group. We will soon be issuing a separate press release on the reports currently available and on our publication plans.

• Our reports provide market projections, strategic profiles of key firms in the quantum technology space and assessments of where the money will be made. Our custom consulting provides guidance when clients need more detailed than can be provided in an off-the-shelf report. We provide a lot more than just data dumps from the Internet. Our offerings complement internal product and market planning and technology roadmapping. Inside Quantum Technology also offers due diligence services to the financial community.

Inside Quantum Technology provides the latest news and commentary on our news and blog feeds. We curate the most important news about quantum technology and add it to our news feed on a daily basis along with our commentary. And our blogs – written by our in-house analysts – provide deep insight into the commercialization and finance of the latest quantum technologies

• We will soon announce details of our first annual conference; the first business-oriented conference entirely dedicated to quantum technology. Our conference will provide a venue for discovering the very latest in the commercialization of the quantum technology and a place where industry executives can meet leading players in the quantum technology sector.

Inside Quantum Technology was founded by Lawrence Gasman in association with Alan Meckler’s 3DR Holdings. Gasman is the author of several reports on the quantum technology business and has founded or co-founded several other industry analyst firms and conference companies. Other analysts to be announced.

You can also follow Inside Quantum Technology on Twitter and on Linked-In where we discuss technology trends, company announcements and the industry’s on-going progress.

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Twitter: @InQuantumTech

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