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Infosys Developing Quantum Computing Tech For Indian Startups To Innovate On

(IndiaTimes) Indian IT giant Infosys has announced that it is working with Amazon Web Services to develop quantum computing capabilities and use cases based on Amazon Braket to test and evaluate quantum applications on circuit simulators and quantum hardware tech.
Infosys’ and Amazon’s collaboration would allow researchers and developers to experiment and study complex computational problems as quantum technologies evolved with time. Access will also be given to enterprises to use cases for rapid experimentation as well as exploring how quantum computing can be helpful in future in a variety of fields. It can also help assess new ideas and plan how they could be adopted for driving innovation.
The Infosys Centre For Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS) often focuses on the sprouting of technologies of next-generation is harnessing Amazon Braket in use cases like vehicle route optimization, fraud detection and others.
Infosys is also working on teaming up with startups in the quantum computing space through the Infosys Innovation network. This strengthens Infosys Cobalt — a set of services, solutions and platforms for enterprises to boost their cloud journey.
Ravi Kumar S, President, Infosys, said, “Infosys continues to be at the forefront of exploring and bringing new technologies to clients. Through our use of AWS in this space, we are bringing together the power of Amazon Braket and Infosys Cobalt to help enterprises build quantum computing capabilities and use cases to accelerate their cloud-powered transformation.”

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