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Industrial Refrigeration Company Linde in Bid to Develop Quantum Computer Cooling

By IQT News posted 18 Mar 2021

(CoolingPost) Industrial refrigeration company Linde has joined forces with Helsinki-based Bluefors to create cooling solutions for large-scale quantum computers.
Bluefors is a leader in manufacturing dilution refrigerator measurement systems in the field of quantum technology.
The companies say they plan to ensure that cryogenics are ready for the next steps in large-scale quantum computing, in terms of cooling power, efficiency and robustness. Cryogenics is a critical component in harnessing this quantum power and the ability to cool down large-scale quantum circuits is essential.
“The market potential for the technology is significant, since quantum computing will enable complex or real-time task processing, to name just a few examples: in healthcare modelling, banking and finance, autonomous driving, machine learning, and artificial intelligence,” said John van der Velden, Linde Engineering’s senior vice president global sales & technology.
Having identified how the technologies work best together, the partners are currently collaborating on making their joint product ready for market.

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