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India’s Wipro Signs MoU with Tel Aviv U to Analyze Use Cases & Potential Applications of Quantum Computing

(FinancialExpress) Indian multinational corporation Wipro has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Israel’s Tel Aviv University for research and analysis in quantum science and technology.
According to the MoU, Tel Aviv University’s Center for Quantum Science & Technology (QuanTAU) faculty members will work with Wipro and its customers to analyse use cases and potential applications of quantum computing for the Indian IT major’s large organisational clients.
Tel Aviv University researchers and Wipro scientists will develop and study various approaches, define potential research solutions and implement these solutions, a press release stated. The MoU is being seen as a direct continuation of Tel Aviv University’s collaboration with Wipro on machine learning through support of funded research. “TAU sees great importance in strengthening its international collaborations, and the connection with Wipro, a great technological power from India, is certainly an important achievement for research in Israel,” Professor Yaron Oz, Head of QuanTAU, said.

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