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India’s Top Meteorology Scientist Explains 2019 Achievements in Quantum Computing Are Significant But More Needs to Be Done

( Suryachandra Rao, chief scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, explained the recent developments in quantum computing are significant, but he cautioned a lot needs to be done to realize the dream of quantum computing as a consumer product. “Google used a small quantum processor to solve the problem they have designed to test this processor. Similarly, all other attempts also showcase their test cases. For solving practical problems like weather forecasting, online security or financial modelling, we need hundreds, if not thousands, of qubits, as per an Intel study,” said Rao.
Riding on these key developments, quantum computing created a lot of buzz in 2019. They have also allowed the industry to get a clearer picture of when the technology and its ecosystem would be ready for commercial deployment and solving real world problems.
As of now, it is hard to say if it will ever get miniaturised enough to drive a smartphone or PC. Bindra adds, “Today, I can’t say when and how it will happen. But then, no one had thought that PC will be in everyone’s hands until the transistor revolution happened.”

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