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India’s Startup Ecosystem Enabler T-Hub & HCL Technologies Announce Collaboration to Explore Quantum Computing & DeepTech

(TheHindu) India’s startup ecosystem enabler T-Hub and HCL Technologies have announced a collaboration to explore emerging technologies like Quantum Computing and DeepTech.
As part of the collaboration, T-Hub will connect HCL’s Open Innovation Program eSTiP with select startups. “This partnership will enable HCL to leverage T-Hub’s innovation expertise and ecosystem of start-ups, corporates and investors to accelerate its open innovation initiatives,” T-Hub said in a release.
Additionally, HCL will look to curate solutions of the startups for its clients and for focused programme statements, while gaining access to T-Hub’s events and demo days.
T-Hub CEO Ravi Narayan said, “with this partnership, we are focusing on aiding HCL in its vision of strengthening the approach of creating value for its customers and partners through some disruptive startups, whereas also providing our startups with growth opportunities.”
“Our partnership with T-Hub cements our ecosystem innovation journey with additional investments in Quantum Computing experiments as the technology continues to evolve”, said Kalyan Kumar, Chief Technology Officer and Head-Ecosystems of HCL Technologies.
As Quantum Computing continue to mature and become commercially viable, “we hope our continued engagement will bring insights into relevant startups, academia, business collaborators and other innovation ecosystem players,” he added.

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