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India’s QNu Labs Shipping Quantum Cyber-Security Solutions to Customers

(BusinessStandardIndia) India’s Bengaluru-based QNu Labs has successfully conducted field trials and has now started shipping its quantum cyber-security solutions to the customers. The firm said it is engaging with customers across defence, government, financial sector and data centre and cloud service providers in India and overseas markets such as the US, Middle East and Southeast Asia. It has already set up its office in the US to accelerate commercialization of the technology.
QNu is in the business of future-proofing encryption through quantum technologies. Its solutions solve the problem of secure key distribution by allowing the exchange of a cryptographic key between two remote parties over a quantum channel, even in the presence of an eavesdropper. The ‘Quantum cryptography’ created by QNu relies more on physics than mathematics. It is based on the use of individual particles or waves of light (photons) and their intrinsic quantum properties to create an unbreakable cryptosystem. This is viable as it is impossible to assess the quantum state of any system without disturbing it.
Sunil Gupta, co-founder and chief executive at QNu Labs. “We have also established a channel partner network globally for a much larger and faster client reach. We have good opportunities in the pipeline through partners which will grow rapidly in the next 3-4 quarters as Quantum technology gets a lot closer to its tipping point.”

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