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Indiana 5G Zone Launches XQ Message Platform as First to Demonstrate Quantum-Safe Encryption as A Service for 5G IoT Systems

( Quantum-safe XQ Message platform was successfully deployed at the Indiana 5G Zone’s Advanced Innovation & Test Lab in a service configuration in September 2020. Quantum-safe encryption ensures that data can be kept safe from existing data exfiltration as well as future quantum computing attacks. The Indiana 5G Zone is the first to demonstrate Quantum-safe Encryption as a Service (QEaaS) transparently protects and tracks IoT data as it moves across 5G infrastructure.
The Indiana 5G Zone utilized XQ Message’s crypto-agile platform to transparently encrypt IoT data and track movement via management systemThe Zone is planning to offer Quantum-safe Encryption as a Service (QEaaS) to academic and commercial 5G networks across America.
NOTE: See the Quantum Cybersecurity Report Lineup published and available from Inside Quantum Technology.
The Indiana 5G Zone was established in partnership with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) to leverage Indiana’s developing digital infrastructure in order to catalyze innovation and support rapidly-developing companies. Its focus is on 5G solution architecture such as Advanced Manufacturing and Smart Communities. This initiative focuses on commercial 5G applications that provide cost savings and the creation of new service concepts. To date, the Zone has secured academic and manufacturing partnerships as well as 50 development partners.

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