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India Announces Partnership with Finland to Work Toward Quantum Computing

(AnalyticsIndia) India has announced its partnership with Finland to work towards quantum computing. The digital partnership between the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) at Pune and Finland’s Aalto University has created a high probability of getting its first quantum computer.
Neeta Bhushan, the joint secretary (Central Europe), external affairs ministry, stated that the idea of jointly developing a quantum computer with the use of AI and 5G technology is an important area of collaboration for both countries.
Considering that Nokia and other Finnish companies are leading the world in mobile technology growth, this digital collaboration will witness the two countries collaborating on quantum technologies and computing. Hence, the partnership will have the leverage to deploy the latest technologies available with both countries.
Similar to the Indian government’s allocation of fund to prepare the groundwork of quantum computing, the Finland government has also allocated around €20 million on a partnership where a Finnish startup IQM was chosen to work with the VTT Technical Research Foundation of Finland to build a 50 qubit quantum computer by 2024. The device will be built by VTT and Aalto University’s Micronova Research Infrastructure – IISER’s partner, thereby providing technical know-how for the same to the India counterparts. The project is intended to proceed in different stages — starting with building a five-qubit computer within a year and further go along to set up a 50-qubit quantum computer.

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