Inside Quantum Technology

IIT Madras Develops Material with Properties Suitable for Quantum Optoelectronics

(TheHindu) Researchers from IIT Madras have found a way of enhancing the opto-electronic properties tungsten diselenide (WSe2) and molybdenum diselenide. A key property of these materials is photoluminescence, in which the material absorbs light and re-emits it as a spectrum property about 30 times in tungsten diselenide, by drop-casting gold nanoparticles on to a two-dimensional film.
Consisting of practically one layer of atoms, these materials are two-dimensional in structure. Photoluminescence properties can be used in various devices such as quantum LEDs which can be used in communication and computation.
“The most challenging aspect of this study was the controlled photoluminescence measurement of these materials from room temperature to 100 K,” says Pramoda Kumar Nayak, a DST Ramanujan Fellow at the Department of Physics of IIT Madras.

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