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ID Quantique Unveils Cerberis XGR; 4th Generation of QKD Platform Designed for Academia, Research Institutes and Innovation Labs

(ID.Quantique) ID Quantique (IDQ), the world leader in quantum cybersecurity, has launched the Cerberis XGR, an open QKD platform designed as a versatile research tool for academic and technology evaluation labs wanting to test the technology, run QKD testbeds or build a quantum lab.
Safety of current encryption methods, and especially of the key exchange mechanisms based on asymmetric cryptography, is a major concern today particularly for governments and enterprises which must protect data for five to ten years or more. Possible back-doors in current systems combined with massive computing power already put high-value sensitive data at risk of being decrypted by malevolent actors. Moreover, the arrival of quantum computers will render asymmetric key exchanges unsafe: encrypted data can be stored now and easily decrypted later.
Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) enables unbreakable communications and future-proof data privacy. It is the only known cryptographic technique which provides proven secrecy of encryption keys, as well as long-term data confidentiality and integrity. ID Quantique has been helping companies to get started with Quantum Cyber Security for 20 years. Since 2007, it has commercialized QKD systems to governments, enterprises, and industrial customers in more than 60 countries and on every continent.
Recently, IDQ launched its 4th generation of QKD Systems, the XG series. The Cerberis XGR is the second model in the series.
This open QKD platform is designed for academia, research institutes and innovation labs wanting to evaluate and test the technology.
Users can experiment different parameter set-up and configurations, in both automated and manual modes. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive software suite with full real-time monitoring and management system enables to easily familiarize oneself with this technology and gain knowledge.
ID Quantique also offers on-demand services such as tailored training, product customization or quantum risk assessment to best fit its users’ needs.

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