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IBM’s Wootten Answers “Why Now” for Quantum Computing?

(CNN.Money.Chn) CNN Interviewer aks James Wootton, a researcher at IBM Research in Zurich: “Why now for quantum computing?”
Wootten responded that the big revolution leading toward today’s quantum computing status started in 2015 when IBM put quantum devices in the cloud. Previously, researchers had experiments nobody could do another than scientists might need to get an idea what quantum computing could do.
Today, Wootton wants to help the public understand what quantum computing is and what it can do. He wants to finds problems that CEO do and how to solve with quantum computing. He said, “It’s Particularly useful for looking at molecules and how they work and also solving optimization problems” but not the holy grail.
The IBM Q Network is working with Fortune 500 companies to advance the field, and last month IBM announced the first IBM Quantum Computation Center in New York.
NOTE: An excellent 15-minute interview about quantum computing that is obviously aimed for and comprehensible to mainstream business audiences.

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