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IBM’s Virtual Hackathon “Quantum Challenge” 9/16-10/14

(QuantumChallenge) IBM’s Quantum Challenge is September 16-October 14 and has three weeks of learning challenges aimed to help beginners get started and novices to recap on the basics and key concepts of quantum computation and algorithms. The introductory preparation are designed to help prepare contestants to tackle the final challenge.
The Virtual Hackathon will be an excellent opportunity for all people who are interested in programming a quantum computer and apply its capability to solve a real-life problem.
The Challenge will have four stages: Introductory with simpler calculations.
Stages Two and Three: Students will learn and implement a specific quantum algorithm that is known for a wide range of applications.
Stage Four: A challenge which models a real world problem will be presented. Contestants are required to build a program by incorporating the algorithms they learned in the second and third stage.
Registration info and forms start here.

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