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IBM’s Latest Chip Processor IBM POWER 10 Will Meet Encryption Standards Like Homomorphic Encryption & Quantum-Safe Cryptography

(FinanceYahoo) IBM recently unveiled its latest chip processor — IBM POWER 10 — which will be manufactured by Samsung Electronics.
The chip is primarily meant for use across data center operations and will be based on Samsung’s 7-nanometer (nm) process technology.
IBM POWER 10 boasts of three times enhanced performance than its predecessor, IBM POWER 9. This will help data centres achieve greater operational efficiency.
Also, the improved capacity will help IBM POWER 10-based systems to support more workloads and higher Red Hat OpenShift container density for hybrid clouds. It also has a four times faster encryption processing ability compared with IBM POWER 9 to meet encryption standards like homomorphic encryption and quantum-safe cryptography.

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