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IBM’s 28-Qubit Quantum Computer, Raleigh, Achieved Goal of Doubling Quantum Volume

By IQT News posted 10 Jan 2020

(Guru3D.com) IBM’s newest 28-qubit quantum computer, Raleigh, achieved the company’s goal of doubling its Quantum Volume. Quantum Volume (QV) is a hardware-agnostic metric that IBM defined to measure the performance of a real quantum computer.
The higher the Quantum Volume, the more real-world, complex problems quantum computers can potentially solve, such as those explored by IBM’s quantum network organizations. Raleigh draws on an improved hexagonal lattice connectivity structure developed in Intel’s 53-qubit quantum computer, and features improved coherence aspects.
Our achievement of QV 32 is significant, not just because it is another point on the curve, but because it confirms that quantum systems have matured into a new phase in which developmental improvements will drive better and better experimental quantum computing platforms to enable serious research, and bridge toward Quantum Advantage. The past year marked a number of remarkable achievements where we, as a community, solidly emerged into a new phase where quantum computing as a commercial business is not so far-fetched.

IBM’s Statement:
Although there is still a long way to go, in 2019 we saw:
*Multiple traditional cloud providers working towards quantum computing services
*Multiple 50-qubit systems that push the limits of what can be simulated
*Multiple physical backend systems, including trapped-ions and superconducting qubits
*Published quantum research from leading-edge Fortune 500 previously ‘non-quantum’ companies

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