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IBM Working to Improve Cyber Resilience Across All Systems

(SiliconAngle) IBM is pushing to improve cyber resiliency across systems, even if it is coming from quantum computers. The legacy computing company is looking to uncover methods to avoid vulnerabilities in sensitive data, according to Eric Herzog, chief marketing officer and vice president of worldwide storage sales of IBM’s Storage Division at IBM Corp.
“One of the things, obviously, that people complain about quantum computing, whether it’s us or anyone else, is that with the quantum computing you can crack, basically, any encryption,” Herzog said. “IBM Research has developed tape that can be encrypted … you can have secure data because the quantum computer can’t actually crack the encryption that we just put into that new tape.”
IBM is planting itself at the center of the cybersecurity hurricane with its Spectrum Protect, which promises scalable data protection for physical file servers, applications, and virtual environments.

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