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IBM vet Bob Sutor joins ColdQuanta

The quantum technology sector, like many other industries, is in the midst of a skills shortage, and companies are doing everything they can, from offering quantum training programs to investing in educational initiatives, to speed the flow of new talent into the sector. But they also shouldn’t sleep on the wealth of talent and experience the industry already possesses.

ColdQuanta’s announcement this week that it had hired IBM legend, quantum influencer and author (not to mention frequent IQT event speaker) Dr. Robert Sutor, is a great example of an up-and-coming firm bringing in decades of experience and knowledge in one fell swoop. Sutor, a 40-year IT industry veteran who most recently was a member of the IBM Quantum leadership team and was previously Vice President for Mathematical Sciences at IBM Research, has joined ColdQuanta as Vice President of Corporate Development. Also, as IQT readers and event attendees probably are well aware, Sutor wrote the book “Dancing with Qubits.”

“Bob has earned an international reputation as a thought leader in emerging technologies by translating highly technical topics so they can be easily understood and used by businesses, influencers, governments and more,” said Scott Faris, CEO of ColdQuanta, in a statement. “Bob has a demonstrated ability to transform companies and industries on the cutting edge of technology and will serve as a visionary leader for ColdQuanta as we enter the company’s next stage of growth.”

Though ColdQuanta is not exactly and unknown company in the sector, the Sutor hiring also should bring the company increased recognition as a force to be reckoned with. After this move and Sandbox AQ’s recent hiring of former Amazon Web Services executive Nadia Carlsten, perhaps we are seeing the beginning of a trend as more young firms may try harder to acquire experienced talent along with their efforts to encourage the growth of new talent for the sector to leverage.

Dan O’Shea has covered telecommunications and related topics including semiconductors, sensors, retail systems, digital payments and quantum computing/technology for over 25 years.


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