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Academic-Industry Collaboration of IBM & U of Chicago’s EPiQC Will Train Next Generation of Scientists

( A new research collaboration between IBM and the Enabling Practical-Scale Quantum Computing (EPiQC) project led by the University of Chicago will help bring the promising future of quantum computing closer to the present by sharing resources and training the next generation of quantum computer scientists.
“This collaboration is great for students, because they will gain broader exposure to industry and work closely with IBM researchers,” Chong said. “Academic-industry connections will help prepare our workforce for an entirely new branch of computer science and accelerate the pace of quantum computing design and applications, said Fred Chong, Seymour Goodman Professor of Computer Science at UChicago and lead PI for EPiQC. “Our collaboration with IBM Q is exactly the type of academic-industry collaboration that will be necessary to reach the quantum era of computing as quickly as possible.”

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