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IBM to Play an Integral Role As Industry Partner at Three of DOE’s Quantum Information Science Research Centers

(NewsroomIBM) The DOE is establishing five QIS Centers, under the 2018 National Quantum Initiative Act. The law authorizes up to $625 million in funding over five years to help promote research into quantum computing, which promises to be one of the most significant technologies of our era.
IBM played an integral role in the development and passage of the National Quantum Initiative Act in 2018, which called for the establishment of these centers.

As part of the announcement, IBM has been selected as an industry partner at three of the QIS Centers:
*Q-Next at Argonne National Lab,
*The Co-design Center for Quantum Advantage (C2QA) at Brookhaven National Lab, and
*The Quantum Science Center (QSC) at Oak Ridge National Lab.

*Q-NEXT aims to establish efficient quantum networks for information processing with scalable hardware. IBM will work to develop crucial building blocks to accomplish that mission: technologies for quantum interconnects to link individual processors and potentially allow quantum computers to scale to billions of qubits.

*C2QA, aims to deliver 10x improvement in software optimization, materials and device properties, and quantum error correction to provide a 1000x improvement in computation. IBM will provide quantum computing tools for prototyping, integration, testing, and benchmarking of quantum error correction codes.

*QSC aims to harness and control quantum coherence for new applications of QIS for sensing and scientific discovery. IBM will work to design new quantum algorithms and advanced error mitigation techniques bridging the gap between near-term and fault-tolerant quantum computers, and apply them to the study of novel materials.

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