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IBM Supports Q2Work Education Initiative for K-12 Students

(IBM.Blog) This IBM blog explains the need for a future workforce with a robust set of quantum computing skills drives IBM’s support for Q2Work, the National Science Foundation-funded initiative led by the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago to provide quantum education, programs, tools, and curricula to K-12 students.
The University of Illinois and the University of Chicago, both IBM Q Network members through the Chicago Quantum Exchange, will offer these resources with support from a unique White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and NSF Q-12 partnership with government, academia, and industry. As an industry partner, IBM’s team will provide quantum education resources and access to our quantum systems in support of training offered through the OSTP’s nine quantum concepts identified for future quantum information scientists. IBM’s team was instrumental in drafting these key concepts, and looks forward to expanding our educational outreach efforts to the K-12 level.
To date, most of the educational outreach efforts in quantum computing education have been geared toward graduate- and undergraduate-level students. Now – through programs like Q2Work – we can begin educating students at every level to fully realizing the technology’s potential. It’s an exciting prospect to introduce young students to the foundations of quantum computing at early stages of their education, when they haven’t yet developed preconceived notions of how a computer — or the universe — works.

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