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IBM Shares Online Tutorial for Calculating Quantum Pi for Yourself

(Forbes) IBM released a new tutorial that explains how to estimate the value of Pi on a quantum computer in honor of Pi Day March 14, 2020.
The tutorial, part of an open-source online textbook on Qiskit software, takes you through the steps to apply a well-known quantum algorithm on different numbers of connected qubits. The goal is to improve the quantum computer’s ability to estimate Pi by adding more qubits—you may not get to Pi right away—and to inspire Pi enthusiasts everywhere to learn more about quantum computing and even give it a try.
“The thing we’re trying to do here is to stay away from computing a million digits of Pi and more to use the theme of Pi Day to educate people on what quantum algorithms look like,” explains Abraham “Abe” Asfaw, global lead of quantum education at IBM.
Click here for “Estimating Pi Using Quantum Phase Estimation Algorithm” online.
“IBM bringing online a quantum computer really democratizes access. It goes from being a very expensive, limited-access kind of thing to being something anyone can play with if they have ideas,” Asfaw says.

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