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IBM Releases Qiskit Modules to Improve Machine Learning: Goal Is to Get More Developers Experimenting with Quantum Computers

By IQT News posted 12 Apr 2021

(VentureBeat) IBM is releasing Qiskit Machine Learning, a set of new application modules that’s part of its open source quantum software. The new feature is the latest expansion of the company’s broader effort to get more developers to begin experimenting with quantum computers.
Rather than replacing current computer architectures, IBM is betting that quantum computers will gain traction in the coming years by taking on very specific tasks that are offloaded from a classic computing system to a quantum platform. AI and machine learning are among the areas where IBM has said it’s hopeful that quantum can make an impact.
In the case of machine learning, the hope is that a system that offloads tasks to a quantum system could accelerate the training time. However, challenges remain, such as how to get large data sets in and out of the quantum machine without adding time that would cancel out any gains by the quantum calculations.

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