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IBM Q Hub – L’Institut quantique at Université de Sherbrooke Joins IBM Q Network: First IBM Q Hub in Canada

( L’Institut quantique (IQ) at Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS) has agreed to join the IBM Q Network as an IBM Q Hub, the first in Canada. With the financial support from the government of Québec, UdeS will greatly expand its quantum computing capacity as an IBM Q Hub, which will give its members exclusive cloud-based access to IBM’s most advanced quantum computing systems and software, including a 53-qubit system, currently the largest universal one available in the industry.
“The IBM Q Hub at IQ is a tool for both fundamental research and the development of practical applications, explains Alexandre Blais, IQ Scientific Director. We want to build a quantum community of users where academia, private companies and startups meet and connect.”
The IBM Q Hub at IQ is already announcing its first official member, CMC Microsystems, which has a national network of universities and companies working in micro-nanotechnology innovation. “This collaboration is a perfect fit for the researchers in our network, says CMC Microsystems President and CEO Gordon Harling. We firmly believe that the quantum space will be strategically important and with this initiative, many Quebec organizations will be positioned to be global leaders.”
The IBM Q Hub at IQ is yet another initiative that consolidates Université de Sherbrooke’s position as a key center in Quebec and Canada for quantum computing research, know-how and technology. “This agreement attests to our IQ researchers’ talent and the exceptional research environment of our university’s ecosystem combining quantum science and technological applications,” says Vincent Aimez, Vice-President for Partnerships at Université de Sherbrooke.

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