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IBM Plans to Launch & Commercialize 58-Qubit Quantum Computer in 3-5 Years

( Norishige Morimoto, Director of IBM Research in Tokyo and global vice president at IBM, recently said that IBM intends to commercialize quantum computers within three-five years. IBM, Google and others have said before that to achieve quantum supremacy, a quantum computer needs at least 50 qubits. Morimoto said that IBM plans to launch a next-generation 58-qubit quantum computer that can outperform supercomputers and thus are suitable for commercialization.The company’s latest System Q One quantum computing system has a 20-qubit quantum processor with a quantum volume of 16.
Morimoto revealed that IBM intends to commercialize its next-generation quantum computers once the company has proven that they can beat supercomputers in finishing certain tasks faster Achieving “quantum supremacy,” the moment when quantum computers can beat world’s most powerful supercomputers, is an important milestone for quantum computers, because otherwise switching to an entirely different computing platform may not be justifiable. IBM has recently claimed that its quantum computers double in performance every year (on average), following a “Moore’s Law” of quantum computing of sorts.

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