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IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Says Quantum Computing Could Reach Market by 2023

(Fortune) According to IBM CEO Arvind Krishna, his company’s clients could be using the technology, and reaping huge benefits, as soon as 2023.
“The impact [of quantum computing] on our clients…is going to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars,” Krishna said at today’s Fortune Brainstorm event. Those benefits will be particularly pronounced in medicine.
a quantum computer can mirror randomness. That’s useful not just for medicine, but materials science, weather forecasting, financial modeling, and other problems that involve huge amounts of data and chaotic interactions.
Krishna has long focused on cloud computing services, culminating in the acquisition of Red Hat, which he spearheaded before being named CEO. In October, IBM announced plans to spin out slower-growing parts of its business and to focus on cloud and artificial intelligence. Quantum computing, though less strategically central, would also remain under the IBM umbrella.
Krishna focused on IBM’s “hybrid cloud” strategy, which the company says represents a $1 trillion market. IBM’s main goal is not to build their own cloud services, but to help big business manage multiple clouds. That’s an appealing proposition not just because different cloud providers offer different strengths, but because dependence on any one vendor is risky.

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