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IBM Building Out Quantum AI Developer and Partner Ecosystem

(RTInsights) IBM continues to take a leadership position in quantum computing and one of those initiatives is to evangelize quantum computing to developers of AI, deep learning, and machine learning applications.
IBM is aiming toward the realistic goal of “quantum advantage.” This refers to any demonstration that a quantum device can solve a problem faster than a classical computer. Considering the range of commercial activity in this field, the likelihood that quantum architecture will soon show a clear performance advantage for core use cases—especially AI—grows by the day.
The most important grand challenges for quantum AI will have compelling practical applications. Chief among these is trying to mitigate a key risk that quantum technology has itself unleashed on the world: the prospect that it might break public-key cryptography as we know it. Fortunately, IBM and others are making progress on developing “quantum-resistant” cryptographic schemes.
Though it’s not clear how much IBM is investing in the R&D needed to combat the technology’s more malignant misuses, you best believe that they are deeply enmeshed in some fairly secretive projects in these domains.
The most important investments that IBM is making in quantum AI is to build out its developer and partner ecosystem and to provide them with sophisticated but consumable tools, libraries, and cloud services.

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Dr. Robert Sutor, VP of Quantum Ecosystem Development, to Deliver Plenary Keynote for Inside Quantum Technology New York on June 1.

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