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IBM Announces Summer 2021 Internship Program in Quantum Computing

(TechGig) IBM has just announced the Summer 2021 internship program in the US after just wrapping up their Summer 2020 internship program.
IBM hosted more than 70 interns supported by 28 managers and 51 mentors from across IBM quantum team in summer 2020. Considering the response, IBM is expecting a huge volume of applications for 2021 internship program.
The IT firm plans to train the future scientists, engineers and developers across the globe on quantum computing. IBM has a goal to train future scientists, engineers, and developers across the globe who are willing to take the responsibility to find and support the best candidates from a diverse community.
One highlight of the summer internship program is Qiskit Summer School, which is a virtual two-week event designed to help interns learn how to write quantum applications not heir own. IBM provides a quantum computing course to students around the world with the same educational opportunities. Some of the interns serve as mentors for the Qiskit Global Summer School and also offers valuable feedback that helps in refining material.
Top candidates will have:
– Experience in a graduate or undergraduate program related to quantum computing, computer science, engineering and other areas of study.
– Coursework or projects in quantum information, algorithms, computation, and other application areas.
– Research, development and engineering experience in an area related to quantum computing and other applicable areas of study.

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