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HQS Quantum Simulation and Alpine Quantum Technologies Announce Global Strategic Partnership

(HPCWire) HQS Quantum Simulation and Alpine Quantum Technologies (AQT) announced they have entered a global strategic partnership, combing HQS’s experience in providing software to facilitate the upcoming revolution in computer-aided materials design with AQT’s know-how on ion-trap quantum computing.
Predictive simulations are key to the development of materials, as well as their application in structural design. HQS develops software for material simulation and has released the free, easy to use platform SCCE for the simulation of lattice models. SCCE is a cloud-based quantum computing platform for a wide range of users. Within this cooperation, AQT provides its quantum computers as a backend to SCCE.
“Currently we solve strongly correlated lattice models using DMRG (Density Matrix Renormalization Group). However, no matter how optimized the method may be, classical computer are fundamentally limited”, says Michael Marthaler CEO of HQS Quantum Simulations, “While it will take a while for quantum computers to overtake existing methods, we intend to allow for the solution of small toy models on the AQT quantum computer.”
AQT is a leading start-up in the race to build a quantum computer. A spin-off from Innsbruck University and the Austrian Academy of Sciences, AQT realizes quantum computers based on the individual manipulation of trapped charged atoms. The ion-trap platform has intrinsically low error rates and can be readily scaled up to larger systems.
AQT provides cloud-access to its quantum computer for a wide range of applications. “Chemistry and materials are governed by the rules of quantum mechanics. The challenge is to merge chemistry understanding with quantum programming.” says Thomas Monz, CEO of AQT, “Combining the theory and software experience of HQS with the hardware and engineering expertise of AQT will significantly facilitate user- and application-driven progress in this field”.

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