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HP’s CTO Gardner Predicts, ‘Data Will be at Risk if You Are Not Using Quantum Protected Encryption”

(CyberScoop) Tommy Gardner, CTO Federal at HP, gives a brief overview of HP’s response to quantum information science in this video. Gardner opens with international funding differentials; he explains that the Chinese have been investing $10B a year in quantum research while the US has spent a little less than $1B annually. He does point out the US Senate will soon address a bill for $1.3B annually for quantum R&D in the US.
Gardner addresses the current state of quantum computing and explain HP’s current use of a hybrid computer using quantum encryption as a way to do exponentially fast calculations. He also referenced a supercooled quantum interface device in use by HP for magnetic calculations. In terms of the future, Gardner predicts superpositioning and quantum entanglements will change cyber protection schemes and closed the brief discussion with this thought, “If you are not using quantum protected encryption, then your data will be at risk.”

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